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The History of Mount Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church


Mount Lebanon

Baptist Church



110 Years serving our comunity for Christ

In 1905, eight members of the Mt. Olive Baptist Church began meeting in a private house on Cedar Street. The group grew and became known as the St. James Mission. In October 1906, the Rev. J. O. Spurling became the first pastor of the organization and the name was changed to Mt Lebanon Baptist Church.

In 1907, the Rev. G.K. Wilson became the second pastor of Mt. Lebanon. The church continued to grow. After serving for six years, Rev Wilson resigned in the spring of 1913.

In 1913 the Rev. Jim Moore became the third pastor of Mt. Lebanon. He was well known for his delivery of God's word and his baptismal ceremonies conducted in the Ohio River. Rev Moore resigned in 1917 and organized the Joshua Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Rev. V.W. McLawler became the fourth pastor of Mt. Lebanon in 1917. Rev. McLawler resigned in 1931 after 14 years of service and Rev. Huston Harris from Concord Georgia served as Interim Pastor.

The fifth pastor of Mt Lebanon was the Rev. W.K. Wall from Paducah, Kentucky. He began his pastorate in June 1932 and Passed away on July 2, 1932.

Rev. Houston Harris served as Interim Pastor until January 1933, when Rev. Dr. William Howard Ballew became the sixth pastor of Mt. Lebanon. After a fruitful and dynamic ministry of 27 years, Rev. Ballew was called to his eternal rest on June 10, 1959.

The seventh pastor of Mt. Lebanon, the Rev. Dr. Frederick G. Sampson, II began his pastorate in 1960. He expanded membership activities into the community, city, state and national level. On September 19, 1971, Dr Sampson left Mt. Lebanon to respond to a call from the Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan. Rev. Stephen Mimms served as Interim Pastor.

On December 29, 1971 the Rev. Sinclair J. Royal, Sr., from Wichita Kansas became the eighth pastor of Mt. Lebanon. Rev. Royal obtained a charter and seal for the church; initiated construction of the present building; and developed plans for the Mount Lebanon Cedars of Lebanon Homes and a Personal Care Home. Rev. Royal died on November 17, 1979.

Five associate ministers served the church from November, 1979, to the arrival of the next pastor. They were Reverends, J. T. Brown, William H. Ballew Jr., Hezzy M. Jewell Sr., Mark T. Shoemaker and Sinclair Royal, Jr.

On sunday December 7, 1980, the Rev. Dr. Harmon E. Stockdale, Sr., from Nashville, Tennessee, became the ninth pastor of Mt. Lebanon. Rev. Stockdale resigned in March 1997 after 16 years of service. The church asked Rev. Ronald L. Gadson Sr. a former associate minister of the church to serve as Interim Pastor.

On June 17, 1998, at a special called church meeting the Rev. Ronald L. Gadson, Sr. was overwhelmingly elected as the new pastor. September 6, 1998 marks the installation of Rev. Gadson as the tenth pastor of Mt Lebanon.